5 Easy Prospecting Tips For Network Marketing Newbies

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5 Easy Prospecting Tips For Network Marketing Newbies

In this video I go over 5 helpful prospecting tips for people who maybe either new to network marketing or would like to improve their prospecting and recruiting skills.

Prospecting is an important aspect of building a network marketing company and if you don’t have these skills down it will be very difficult to build a thriving business.

So here are my 5 prospecting tips for network marketing newbies.

Prospecting Tip # 1
Feel the fear and do it anyways. This is a helpful prospecting tip because it can be scary at times but you cannot let that stop you

Prospecting Tip # 2
Ask plenty of questions and the right questions to make sure that you are finding the right people to join as a business partner or customer

Prospecting Tip # 3
Some Will, Some Wont. That is just the nature of this industry. This is probably one of my favorite prospecting tips becuase it allows you to get your mindset right and set you up to keep it moving even if you dont get the results you want at first.

Prospecting Tip # 4
Numbers game. What you lack in skill you can make up in numbers. If you are not as good as you would like to be yet no worries! Just talk to more people and allow the law of averages to work in your favor.

Prospecting Tip # 5
Leverage the tools that your company provides for you. This will take away alot of pressure from you becuase you do not need to know everything to be able to close a sale.

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