20 Years Of Marketing – 7 Most Important Lessons Learned

Can you believe it? I’ve been doing marketing for 20 years. So many, I can’t even hold up my hands on how many years. And I learned some really important things that you need to know about. Today, I’m going to break down 20 Years of Marketing, The Seven Most Important Lessons I Learned.


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Now you’ve been doing marketing for a while, or you’re a business owner, or you’re just getting started in a marketing. A question for you. What’s the most important lesson you learned? Leave a comment below letting me know that lesson.

So let’s start off with the first lesson. Start small, but look out for scale, okay? So here’s what I mean by that.

When we’re thinking about scale, typically, I start off small. When I mean small, I’m talking not 5,000, not 10,000, I usually start off less than $1,000, even at our size, and I try to see what works. It doesn’t mean I won’t ramp up the next day to 10,000 or a 100,000, but I really try to start off small to try to figure out what works. Now, if I’m paying for services or hiring an agency, it’s a little bit different because someone’s creating a plan for me, and then executing on it. But if I’m doing it myself, I try to start off small because just because a channel or a tactic work for a competitor, it doesn’t mean it works for me, so I try to start off small.

The second lesson I ended up learning, my biggest skillset and my buddy, Eric, always talks about this, is I execute extremely fast. Speed is everything. So I focused on executing fast and then adapting, and A/B testing, and tweaking, to make it better over time. It’s just like a website design. Everyone’s like, “Oh, I’m going to release a new website.” We don’t do that. We just continually A/B test our websites until we come up with a perfect variation. And then you can have someone tweak the designs and make sure it works. But that’s the model we use.

The third one, learn from your mistakes. In marketing, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. When I first started out my career when I was a 16 year old kid. Keep in mind those, really young. I would be like, “Black Hat SEO, what’s this? Let’s try, oh cool, I’m ranking at top making money.” Now times are changing, I would never recommend anyone to do that. I was a foolish 16 year old kid. I wish I had a time machine. I can go back in time and tell myself, “Don’t do that again.”

The next lesson, hire people who have done it before. This one, I actually didn’t learn until roughly a year ago. So the way I usually built my businesses is you build a business, you keep learning from your failures and mistakes, and then you just keep at it. And you just keep going, you execute fast, you know, and hopefully things work out. But what I learned, and this took me a long time to learn. There’s other people out there who have been where I am. There’s other people out there who have been where I want to be, which is even better.

Next one, be consistent. Look, I can’t tell you how many times that people would have had a massive business and done well on their marketing, if they were just consistent. If you’re consistent, you’ll do well. So when you constantly put your brand and associate it with influencers or other trustworthy elements, or other things that you know people are paying attention to, it helps build a brand, and that builds longevity.

Last but not least, make it easy for people to buy from you. If you make it hard, no one’s going to really buy from you. PayPal, Shopify Pay, these are all solutions that make it really easy.

Now, more than 18% of our customers use PayPal, but before PayPal, literally, if we got 100 conversions, we ended up with 118 after PayPal. Now, what portion you pay through PayPal or pay through other sources like credit card, or using Stripe, or Adyen, or anything like that? It varies, but just adding PayPal as a payment option because it’s super simple, roughly 18% increase.

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