10X Tech Tank Episode 56

We have more entrepreneurs from around the world share their ideas… Ideas on napkins… Ideas in MVP (Minimal Viable Product) form… Ideas that have turned into Cash-Flowing companies… Our goal is to say YES – let’s move forward with Due Diligence – but we need your help and we need your influence. Join us and be LOUD in the chat – we read every comment and your voice will absolutely support us in making a decision.


Jared Yellin, Co-Founder of 10X Incubator

Eric Nowoslawski, VP of Growth

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Marketing Management – Value and Satisfaction Analysis

In advertising and marketing monitoring, sales is among primary worries amongst many features a business explores and guarantees it is attended to, closely checked, as well as well taken-cared of. Just Recently, Wall surface Street Journal reported Apple’s considered one very difficult problem that they’re encountering this year. Remarkably, according to the experts, customers may have been holding back their cash from acquiring apple products this year especially on frequently utilized iPhones.

What Are You Doing To Market Yourself and Products?

I think we are living in several of the very best days for any individual wishing to make a go at starting and also running a company. The devices we contend our disposal runs out this world. The capability to market as well as do things for basically no charge is crazy.

Identifying the Elements of Your Site That May Raise Red Flags With Google

We’re a couple of months out from the initial release of Google’s Penguin algorithm and most of us in the SEO area are still trying to analyze the internal systems behind the update. Yet while guesswork and heavy research proceeds around the clock, web designers as well as search engine optimization developers are still able to make use of the information offered by Google to enhance their clients’ web pages. Although not every web page has actually prospered since the release of Penguin, every domain has the ability to get rid of those components that Google considers harmful and improve their SERP rankings.

Medical Marketing Trends

This article highlights patterns being used both inside and also outside the medical technique field. The clinical offices that adopt current trends for attracting as well as retaining individuals will increase above the competition.

Developing Your Medical Marketing Plan

Every medical workplace requires a medical advertising and marketing plan. This short article will aid you get going in creating a marketing strategy that works.

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