10 Small Things On Your Website That Are Ruining Your Traffic (Remove These Today!)

Did you know that you are doing things that are hurting your traffic? Today, I’m going to break down 10 small things on your website that’s ruining your traffic and how to remove these today.


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First one, forgotten noindex tax. If you ever have anything on your pages in the header that just tell Google, “Hey, don’t index this page,” and you’re wondering, “Hm, why is this page not getting any traffic?” it could be because you have noindex tax. So just double check on your top pages that you think you should get traffic and just make sure it aligns up with what’s really happening.

Number two, thin content. If you write a lot of thin content, you’re just not going to rank well. More so, you just need to make sure that you’re covering every single aspect of the article that helps someone get what they need. If you’re not doing that, then your content is thin. It’s not about length, it’s about value that you’re providing, and if you can do that in 500 words, then you’re good. If you can do that in 2000 words, then you’re good. And if it takes 5, 10,000 words, that’s fine as well, but the key is to be super thorough.

The third one is excessive anchor text-rich links, especially from an internal basis. Why would every single link internally and even externally have the same anchor text? It shouldn’t, it needs to be natural. Some of your anchor texts will say, “Click Here,” “Learn More,” they may even say other words like “Digital Marketing,” which are related to online marketing. It needs to be natural and whatever’s best for the user.

Four, you don’t want high resolution, non-compressed images. High resolution images are great, but if they’re not compressed, you’re not going to do as well from Google Image search. Images search can drive so much traffic, especially for industries like travel. So if you’re not leveraging that, you’re missing out.

Five, irrelevant and intrusive pop-up ads. So if you have pop-ups throughout your whole site and it ruins the experience, you’re not going to do as well. Either remove them or try to provide way more value.

The sixth thing is pages with errors, whether there are 400 errors or 500 errors, make sure you fix them. And you can go to Ubersuggest, and type in your URL in the site auto report, it’ll point out a lot of those 400 or 500 errors, and you should fix those.

The seventh one is redirect loops. A lot of times you’re going to remove old pages or consolidate content, and you’re going to use 301 redirects. But when you do these 301 redirects, what happens with a lot of businesses, they’ll redirect one page to another, and then that page eventually they’ll delete and then the redirected it back to another page or back to the original page. So then you just have a 301 redirect loop and you don’t want that, that’s just going to hurt your traffic.

Eight, orphaned pages. These are pages that don’t get linked anywhere internally. You can have the most amazing piece of content, but if no one knows about it, it doesn’t matter, you’re not going to get any rankings from it. So just make sure that you’re interlinking relevant pages to your amazing content. You don’t want orphaned pages. If you do that, what you’ll find is, you spent all this time, money creating this content, making it so beautiful and visually appearing, and then no one ends up seeing it.

Number nine, links to redirected pages. When you have internal links and those pages are redirecting, you want to fix them. Change those old internal links and link them to the right end place. Your internal links should not be going redirected. So anytime you add 301 redirects or 302 redirects, change up the internal links.

Number 10, internal broken links, and this is the last one. Look, as your site gets older, your business gets more established, you’re going to have broken links. It’s natural, everyone does, just make sure you clean them out once a quarter, that’s what we do. You can use tools like Ubersuggest, the site auto report will break down the broken internal links and just fix them.

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